Attack On Titan Chapter 140

Attack On Titan Chapter 140


Attack on Titan’s chapter 139 is out, and it has confirmed Eren’s death once and for all. There is no returning now as Mikasa has buried his remains.

The tragic love story of Mikasa and Eren has come to an end as Mikasa had to kill the one person she has loved throughout her life. Little did she know that this decision of her will also affect Ymir.

Even though chapter 139 is supposed to be the last chapter of Attack on Titan, fans can’t help but look forward to a new chapter. If chapter 140 is released, it will take the whole fandom by surprise. Will there be a sequel to the main series?


1. Chapter 140 Discussions and Predictions:

Chapter 139 ended with Armin, Jean, Connie, Levi and the others returning to Paradis as ambassadors to negotiate peace between Eldia and the remainder of humanity. If a sequel is written, then the negotiations in Paradis might get explored.

Bessatsu Magazine has just released a message for fans about the series ending. However, the post’s last sentence was enough to make us start speculating on another chapter or a sequel series altogether.


2. Chapter 140 Release Date:

Chapter 139 was the final chapter of Attack on Titan. Chapter 140 Soon…

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